About "Do Any Dogs Die?"

"Do Any Dogs Die?" was the brain-child of Leanna Trunzo and David Kaminsky. Leanna and David's wife, Erica are both big animal lovers who become more upset about animal violence in film than human violence. They both shared their dismay particularly when it's unexpected. While Leanna and Erica might expect it out of a horror film they certainly wouldn't see it coming when seeing a comedy.

Leanna thought it'd be great if people could connect on the internet to warn each other that there is animal violence in films. That way they could make more informed decisions about whether they want to see the movie. With the idea formed, David set about to create it in his spare time. This is the early launch of the site with only the very basics implemented. We hope to continue improving it. If you have any suggestions please let us know. See our contact information on the Contact page.